miercuri, 10 noiembrie 2010


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  1. Actually, Gorkem, now I'm not in Turkey anymore, I came back to Romania :)
    I was in Izmir from the 1 to 8 november, on a youth exchange organized by the Bright Vision Turkey Youth Group. And it was soooooooo amazing!
    I should've gone to Istanbul after that week in Izmir, but my group didn't want to, so we came straight home.
    If I went to Istanbul, I would've let you know :)

  2. P.S. The elevator in our hotel had "GORKEM" written inside :) so I thought about you and the other Turks from Izbiceni every time I used it.

  3. Ioana, why didn't you tell me. you can let me know:) because I stay 3 hours far away from İzmir. You could come my city and we could enjoy:)
    I wish, you would say me ))):
    But at the other time, I'm waiting for you.

  4. Aaaaaa, Ozgun, are you serious?? :| I thought you live in Istanbul, like the others. Didn't you all say you were studying in Istanbul?
    Gee, I'm really sorry for this. I must've misunderstood it all.
    Anyway, our schedule was pretty restraining, I'm not sure I could have left Izmir.

    But anyway, I promise next time I'll come to Turkey [no matter what city], I'll let of you know!

    Best wishes and big hugs for you and Roja!