miercuri, 3 iunie 2015

”We also have that in Poland.”





Whatever nice thing you have in your country, they also have that in Poland. But better.
This would be one of the most valuable lessons I've learned while I was in Latvia, in December. One of the guys in our group kept saying this to whoever was around, with every single occasion.
”Oh, this is your traditional dish? Nice! We also have it in Poland.”
”I really liked the traditional Greek dance! You know, we also have that in Poland.”
”This very original and unlike-any-other-thing-anyone-has-ever-seen building they have in the city center... I like it. We also have that in Poland.”

At some point, we all thought we should go to Poland and forget about the rest of the world, since the grass is greener, the unicorns are happier, and overall, life is much better there than anywhere else.

So, last month, I went to Poland for an Erasmus+ training course on leadership. And I met nice and amazing people, I've seen beautiful places, I've learned new things, and everything was lovely. I haven't seen any pyramids there, though...