marți, 30 decembrie 2014

Jūrmala. Right after you thought it can't get better

The walk on the beach in Jūrmala was great. It was cold and windy, but the place is beautiful and it was definitely worth it. After that, the plan was to go somewhere else to see the sunset. Iveta, Kristaps's sister, drove us all there.
"When we get there and I pull over, we all get off the car and run to the forest. No, I mean it, run and don't look back. It's already late and we might miss the sunset."
Well... we didn't really miss the sunset.  




Iveta and Kristaps, our amazing guides.

Jūrmala - Majori. A walk on the beach

"So, Ioana, what are your plans for tomorrow?"
"Not much. I have to get some Christmas presents, which might take a while, and then I guess I'll just go for a walk in the city."
"You know, we were planning on going to the beach in some town nearby. Kristaps says it's a great place. You should join." 

"You're from Romania??"

"Romania?? You're from ROMANIA?? Oh, my God, I love Romania!! I love Romania so much! It's one of the nicest places I've ever been to!"

[Richard Chow, an American living in Germany whom we - a Greek, a Latvian and a Romanian - met in Riga, while taking a walk in the city centre.]

Two days in Riga

When the wonderful ”Christmas is here!” Erasmus+ project in Daugavpils ended, I decided to spend two days in Riga, before heading home. Luckily, my new Greek friend, Efi, had more or less the same plan (up to the point where I would go to Romania and she would go to Lithuania), so we spent almost the whole time together. We also had Kristaps, Efi's friend, with us, and he took us to see the most beautiful places in Riga.