duminică, 29 martie 2015

"Seriously, who comes to Greece only for six days?"

Whenever I find myself in a foreign country, surrounded by nice people and lovely sights and usually involved in various activities of some international youth exchange or other project of this kind, there comes a moment when I think to myself "I don't wanna go home". Of course, this also happened in December, while I was in Latvia. Back then, I met some really, really amazing people that - as usual - I hoped to meet again.

So, long story short (as short as I can, and that's not necessarily short), a couple of weeks ago, I went to Greece to visit Efi and Marianna, the two Greek friends I made in Latvia. We spent six wonderful days in Thessaloniki (Marianna's hometown) and Alexandroupolis (Efi's hometown).


In Thessaloniki, we were hosted by Efi's cousin, Valentini, whom I found beautiful in every possible way and with whom we've spent nights and early mornings talking about life, the Universe and everything in her living room. Not much sleep during the days spent in Greece, but it was totally worth it. 
I met some of the girls' friends, who were incredibly nice to hang out with and who all made me feel very welcome in their group(s). One of Efi's friends looks exactly like Thor (the one in the movie) and OF COURSE I don't have any photos to prove that, because I had left the camera at home that evening. Anyway, he's coming to Romania in July and I might solve this problem.

One of the days, we were invited over at Marianna's for lunch and we had a great time with her parents. Although they didn't speak English, the girls translated everything from English to Greek and viceversa and thus we managed to talk about a lot of things. And I estimate they cooked more for this lunch than my parents cook for Christmas. 





Oh, and the beer had unicorns and so did some trash bins.

 Along with Efi and Marianna, I've visited beautiful places, met beautiful people and took a lot of those looong walks that I enjoy so much. Everywhere we went, I felt as if I've known those people forever. Of course, there came a moment when I thought to myself "I don't wanna go home", but, well, I am writing this from the comfy chair in my office, while drinking tea from the "I love Thessaloniki" cup that I received from the girls.  

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  1. Pfuiiii... Tre'sa ma gandesc bine de-acuma... Oare fac prea putina mancare de Craciun? :-P
    Mi-a placut sa revad Salonicul, asa cum nu l-am vazut (vara e altfel) ... Ce pacoste e alga aia rosie, pacat - mare de o culoare atat de frumoasa ca in Grecia, mai rar!