vineri, 7 februarie 2014

Follow me down to Maramu'

December, some Friday evening, first free weekend in ages. Pretty cold outside, but hey, at least it's snowing and check out those huge snowflakes! It already looks like it's going to be a nice weekend. 

Promise yourself you won't even open your email and think of what would be the best way to spend the days. Call your relatives, ask them how they're doing, think of when was the last time you went to visit them and then feel bad for not even being able to remember when that was.

Grab Jan, your German friend, who's never been to Maramureș and to whom you promised a trip in the area sometimes during his stay here in Romania, and book two seats to Șomcuta Mare on the first bus tomorrow. 

Go to sleep now, you'll have to wake up early tomorrow. Remind your friend not to be late (not that he ever is!) and force yourself not to text him "Follow me down to Maramu'." He'll have plenty of time to get used to those stupid jokes.   

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